Our story...

In the late 70’s my father, John A. Good, began a radio show called the "Bread of Life.” It aired on 1340 WNHC in New Haven, CT. The Lord spoke to him and told him to "go teach His people, in the greater New Haven area." The show became a rather popular show among the Christian community influencing many of the ministries in the area. WNHC eventually changed ownership which brought an end to public radio.

In 2001 the show moved to 1530 WDJZ in Bridgeport, CT, where "The Bread of Life" became one of the first shows apart of the People Broadcast Network.  In 2005 my father turned the broadcast over to me, which allowed the show to transition following his death without any interruptions.

In 2016 the Bread of Life was officially changed to Good Treasure Radio. This move helped create a cohesiveness with the Good Treasure brand. The show now airs on Mondays from 4:00PM to 5:00PM on RADIO 1400AM .

Good Treasure Radio