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Episode 63: Good Treasure Radio - Don't Forget Egypt: The Divided Church of America  

In this episode, Darius Good discusses several social issues. From race and racism, the racial division in the church, police brutality and reform, BLM, the protest, rioting, and looting. Darius highlights four impactful points as he examines the relationship and attitude God required of Israel towards the Egyptians post bondage. 

Episode 33: Failing Test with Our Responses  

In this powerful sermon, Pastor Darius talks about division and test in the body of Christ. We understand that we are saved by grace but too often do not see others under grace. How we see others and respond to others is critical to the Lord hearing and answering our prayers, but also passing critical test that can bring us to the next level. 

Episode 25: Forgiveness (John A. Good)  

God's forgiveness towards us and our providing forgiveness towards others is and will continue to be one of the most important topics in our walk with Christ. Even though receiving forgiveness of sins is a free gift, there is a price that is required. Reverend John goes through the Old Testament as he explains forgiveness and the ultimate price Jesus paid to bing about total forgiveness.