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Episode 67: Good Treasure Radio - Conferring the Kingdom Pt1 (conclusion)  

The conclusion to the message, "Conferring the Kingdom." What does it mean to be seated in heavenly places? The word "seated" does not simply mean to sit down. In this episode, your bible teacher Darius Good, explains the importance of the word "seated" and the depth of what that word really implies. 

Episode 65: Good Treasure Radio - Powerful but Powerless  

God has made power and authority available to the Believer. However, as long as we are a child, we are the same as a servant. In this episode, your bible teacher, Darius Good explains the process of being seated in heavenly places.


Darius Good has released his first book entitled, "Unlockly Godly Wisdom: Solomon's 7 Pillars of Wisdom." Visit the website today at and add this book to your collection. 

Episode 23: Some Seed (Conclusion to the Good Ground series)  

This is the final sermon of the good ground series. In this episode Pastor Darius explains about the seed and the importance of being able to discern God speaking to you even in a group setting. We, not the Lord, determine if we are good ground or not, which is crucial if we are going to receive what the Lord has promised. This message reviews the qualifications necessary to be good ground and also gives a real life example of good ground as God begins to move in the lives of members of the congregation. 

Episode 18: Am I Good Ground? (What Good Ground Isn't)  

Pastor Darius continues his series on Good Ground. In this episode he explains not only what good ground is, but also what it isn't. This sermon will bring great understanding to how God's word works, how faith works, and the mindset required to be good ground. Be prepared to have you mind transformed. 

Episode 14: My Grace is Sufficient   

My grace is sufficient has to be one of God's most misunderstood statements. Many have taken this statement to mean that God wanted Paul to settle and suffer through his problem. And like Paul, we also misunderstand what God was saying. However, the light bulb went off and Paul received a revelation that completely changed his life. Find out what Paul finally understood in this podcast episode. 

Episode 11: Teach Me How to Pray - Breach of Promise  

In this episode Pastor Darius explains how God's word never returns void, but it always accomplishes what it is sent prosper. But if that's the case, how is it that some prophetic words do not come to past? Pastor Darius will show you according to the scriptures how this works and what must be done on the part of the hearer to make sure they receive the promise from the Lord. 

Episode 7: Teach Me How to Pray - Part 1  

In this episode Pastor Darius explains how the Lord wants us to have joy and how He wants to answer our prayers. He explains the process of approaching the Lord and how to ask in order to receive. He also explains the process of waiting to receive an answer from the Lord and how spiritual warfare effects us receiving our answers.

Episode 6: Faith is Not Denial  

In this episode Pastor Darius explains how a faith confession works. So many Christians speak against what they have and never speak what they are in need of. Pastor Darius explains the mistakes made in many faith confessions and how faith really doesn't deny the problem but it in facts acknowledges the problem and confronts it head on.