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Episode 68: Good Treasure Radio - Conferring the Kingdom Pt2  

In this episode, your bible teacher, Darius Good further explains what the scripture means when it says "we are seated in heavenly places..." This word seated means to have a kingdom conferred upon. Darius expresses the importance of understanding this concept and the importance of understanding sonship. 

Episode 52: Good Treasure Radio: Mature Christian Series - Leave It Behind   

In this episode, your bible teacher, Darius Good explains what a mature Christian looks like and entails. We examine the life of Abram as God instructed him to walk before Him and be perfect (mature.) We will look at the first instructions that God spoke to Abram to set him on the course of maturity. 

This episode features the song "Succeed," performed Shalece Thompson. This song was written and produced by Darius Good for Good Treasure Entertainment and is available on every streaming and digital platform. Visit the website today at

Episode 36: Hagar's Wilderness  

In this episode Pastor Darius takes a look at Abraham's wife Hagar. Her experience is not usually viewed as a "wilderness experience," however, there are significant lessons that we can gleam from her wilderness. The wilderness is a place of promotion and if we can learn to navigate in the wilderness then we will remain on the path of righteousness and prosperity.

Episode 35: The Wilderness... Under the Hand of Man  

Many do not realize the wilderness is apart of God's process for success. In this sermon, your bible teacher, Darius Good explains the importance of the wilderness experience and what things you must grasp in order for God to bring you into the promise land. God has a plan of success for each and every one of us, but we must walk out God's plan to receive the promise. This message will keep you on track to your destiny. 

Episode 31: Push...Stay Focused  

In this episode, Pastor Darius Good explains what it takes for God's word to come to past and prosper in your life. He explains the importance of hearing God's word and protecting it, but more importantly not quitting before the promise becomes a reality. If you are in the midst of waiting on a promise from the Lord, this message will encourage you to maintain the faith.

Episode 17: Am I Good Ground? (The Most Important Parable)  

In this episode Pastor Darius Good expounds on what Jesus called the most important parable. In this parable of the sower and the different grounds, Pastor Darius explains the characteristics of each ground. Out of the four types of grounds only one, good ground, has the ability to keep God's word until the promise comes to past. Pastor Darius explains how with each word from the Lord you have the potential to be one of the four grounds and that no one is simply "good ground." This sermon will reshape your understanding and also help you see the necessary adjustments so that you can consistently be good ground.


Episode 15: Righteousness - Deeds, Knowledge, Faith  

Many believe righteousness is simply living right. However, righteousness is much deeper than that, and it's also not a permanent position. In this episode, Pastor Darius Good explains Jesus' explanation and criteria for righteousness. And goes through a moment in Jesus life where one decision would have made him unrighteous.

Episode 11: Teach Me How to Pray - Breach of Promise  

In this episode Pastor Darius explains how God's word never returns void, but it always accomplishes what it is sent prosper. But if that's the case, how is it that some prophetic words do not come to past? Pastor Darius will show you according to the scriptures how this works and what must be done on the part of the hearer to make sure they receive the promise from the Lord.