THE FIRST TIME I RECOGNIZED GOD'S VOICE (part 2)... by Pastor Darius Good

I had taken my dad's advice and committed to reading through the bible in its entirety. My dad/pastor had explained to me that in order to hear God's voice I needed something in me through which He could speak. My dad told me to begin by reading through the bible. I heard him when he said "begin." So I knew there was more to the process. In addition, I began listening to the sermons on hearing God's voice. I listened to Kenneth Hagin and Charles Capps. I listened to the same few sermons over and over and over. My attitude was, "I was going to give God no excuses!" I was going to dot every "i" and cross every "t" so that if He didn't speak then the fault wouldn't lie with me.

The scripture that Charles Capps gave in his sermon that began to make everything clear to me was Proverbs 20:27, The Spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly." I had heard my dad teach for many years how man was made up of 3 parts: spirit, soul and body. In Genesis 1 it says that man was created in the image of God. In John 4:24 it says that God is a spirit. Charles Capps' sermon helped me realize that God's interaction with us isn't just physical. And this whole time I was waiting to hear an audible voice.   

And then Charles Capps gave this example that caused the light to go off. He explained how one day he felt the need to take his chain saw with him when he left his house. He said he decided he didn't need it and went and hopped into this truck. He said he left his house and had driven down the road a ways when he came upon a tree that had fallen across the road. He then understood why he needed his chain saw, so he turned around and headed back up to the house.

I listened stunned as moment after moment came back to me when I had made the statement, "I knew that was going to happen." But how did I know it? I would have this feeling or thought that I would ignore. When I think back I would usually find a reason or argument as to why that thought or feeling didn't make sense. I wouldn't listen and then I always regretted it later, just like the example Charles Capps gave. I realized that feeling was always right and more importantly it always had my best interest in mind. Example after example began to make sense now. The times I felt I should leave some place early and didn't. The times I knew not to trust someone and I regretted it. Was this really it? Was this what God's voice sounded like? Because if that was the case that "some thing told me" feeling has been present my entire life.

This raised all kind of questions for me which we will explore in part 3, but I finally I felt it was all beginning to make sense. Mark and ye shall find... I sought after Him with all of my heart and I found Him. And that's when things started to get exciting.
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