Good Treasure Ministries is a Christian publishing company. Our mission is to provide quality, accurate and scriptural teachings from the Bible. For those seeking understanding and a desire to experience spiritual growth, we offer teachings built on sound doctrine and revelatory insight of God's word. We pray that you grow in the knowledge of Him, your eyes will be opened and your spiritual appetite will increase as the Lord opens unto you HIS GOOD TREASURE.


  • Your satisfaction is very important to us. Do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.
  • Quality teaching is a necessity to produce spiritual growth so that we may know Him. We seek to satisfy this need for the body of Christ.
  • It is our goal to help establish a community of Believers through which God's will can be accomplished on the earth.


GOOD TREASURE MINISTRIES was created in 2011, six years after John A. Good went home to be with the Lord. The Lord spoke to Darius Good and said that John Good would be "bigger in his death than he was when he was alive." Darius, took the helm of The Bread of Life, a radio show that John began over 20 years ago, shortly before his passing. In order to broadcast his father's sermons, Darius had to transfer the tapes to CD. It was during this time that the idea was sparked of making his father's teachings available for sale. Known as a revelatory teacher, John A. Good left his mark on the local church and the surrounding region but now he is making his mark on the world.
Good Treasure has since expanded it's publishing company to include other teachers of the gospel that fall in the same revelatory stream. Seeing the need for quality teaching, Good Treasure is continuously expanding the teachings, topic and teachers. Visit our teachers and store page regularly as our catalogue continues to expand. Be blessed. - Good Treasure Ministries


The scripture says in all things get understanding. How can we successfully walk this walk with the Lord when we have so many unanswered questions. Paul would often say in his writings, "I would have you not ignorant." His letters were written to bring knowledge and understanding so that we could be mature followers of Christ. Good Treasure provides teachings that tackle these questions.


"We are not all called to be Apostles, Prohets, Evangilist, Pastors, or Teachers. And yet we know every believer is to provide signs, where the church sees it and the world sees it. These signs shall follow them that believe… (The Prayer Life Series) - JOHN A. GOOD

"Many of you raised your hand last week and said I am an eagle. We will find out today if you still are… (Thermals Series) - DARIUS R. GOOD

Prayer should be mans greatest occupation… (The Prayer Life Series) - JOHN A. GOOD