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Episode 22: Good Ground vs Stony Ground  

In this episode, Pastor Darius Good explains the difference between good ground and stony ground. You will learn the pitfalls many have fallen into which has caused them not to receive the promise from the Lord. Please listen to our entire series on good ground. It will bring tremendous understanding and maturity to your walk with the Lord.

Episode 21: Good Ground vs Thorny  

Everyone considers themselves to be good ground but this is far from the truth. With every word spoken by the Lord we have the potential to be one of four grounds. In this episode, Pastor Darius examines thorny ground. He compares thorny ground to good ground and draws a comparison that will help you identify how to avoid being thorny ground and be the good ground Jesus has instructed us to be.
  1. Episode 21: Good Ground vs Thorny

Episode 18: Am I Good Ground? (What Good Ground Isn't)  

Pastor Darius continues his series on Good Ground. In this episode he explains not only what good ground is, but also what it isn't. This sermon will bring great understanding to how God's word works, how faith works, and the mindset required to be good ground. Be prepared to have you mind transformed. 

Episode 17: Am I Good Ground? (The Most Important Parable)  

In this episode Pastor Darius Good expounds on what Jesus called the most important parable. In this parable of the sower and the different grounds, Pastor Darius explains the characteristics of each ground. Out of the four types of grounds only one, good ground, has the ability to keep God's word until the promise comes to past. Pastor Darius explains how with each word from the Lord you have the potential to be one of the four grounds and that no one is simply "good ground." This sermon will reshape your understanding and also help you see the necessary adjustments so that you can consistently be good ground.


Episode 15: Righteousness - Deeds, Knowledge, Faith  

Many believe righteousness is simply living right. However, righteousness is much deeper than that, and it's also not a permanent position. In this episode, Pastor Darius Good explains Jesus' explanation and criteria for righteousness. And goes through a moment in Jesus life where one decision would have made him unrighteous.

Episode 14: My Grace is Sufficient   

My grace is sufficient has to be one of God's most misunderstood statements. Many have taken this statement to mean that God wanted Paul to settle and suffer through his problem. And like Paul, we also misunderstand what God was saying. However, the light bulb went off and Paul received a revelation that completely changed his life. Find out what Paul finally understood in this podcast episode. 
  1. My Grace is Sufficient

Episode 13: The Allelopathic Cedar Tree  

In this episode of His Good Treasure, Pastor Darius Good explains how we are called to be cedar trees, planted by the river. He teaches about a characteristic of the cedar tree that is called allelopathy. Pastor Darius uses this illustration to help us understand spiritual truths and the expectation the Lord has for us in our walk with Him. This episode will bring insight, encouragement and strength to your spiritual walk. 


“His Good Treasure Show” is a podcast show produced by Good Treasure Ministries. The show is hosted by Darius Good’s daughter Symone Good. The show features Sunday morning sermons from Pastor Darius Good as well as other teachings series from John A. Good and other ministers connected to the ministry. Tune in weekly for new episodes.

I had debated for several weeks about who I would get to host the podcast show. After several candidates my daughter came to mind. She is an excellent reader for her age and speaks very clear. When I asked her if she wanted to be apart of the project she immediately began coming up with an intro. She often rides with me to the radio station to drop off the Bread of Life show and so she has grown accustom to being around the equipment and has seen me recording and editing different projects at home.


The thing that has really impacted me about working with my daughter is my father had asked me to host his radio show. He would often mention the idea for several years, but we never got around to making it happen.

Symone good treasure podcast show


At the point that he brought me on to help him with his show he was done and I found myself not only hosting but producing it. So now to begin my show I figure why wait. Even though she is young what better time to get her involved. My goal is to build something for the next generation, for her and not for myself. And so to have her apart of this project is a honor. I feel like what my dad had hoped to see with him and me has now been accomplished through me and Symone.