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Episode 31: Push...Stay Focused  

In this episode, Pastor Darius Good explains what it takes for God's word to come to past and prosper in your life. He explains the importance of hearing God's word and protecting it, but more importantly not quitting before the promise becomes a reality. If you are in the midst of waiting on a promise from the Lord, this message will encourage you to maintain the faith.

  1. Episode 31: Push...Stay Focused

Episode 30: ABUNDANCE SERIES: The Place of Abundance/ Lord of All  

As Pastor Darius continues his teaching on prosperity, he explains an interesting conversation he and the Lord had in regards to abundance. In this sermon he describes the change of thinking and the mindset that must be embraced so that prosperity can exist in the entire life of the believer.

Episode 29: ABUNDANCE SERIES: The Steps to Abundance Pt2  

So many have heard the prosperity message and have come away with a misplaced understanding of prosperity, abundance and its purpose. This message will help you see the areas that must be adjusted so that the Lord can bring you into the place of abundance.  The Lord desires for all of us to arrive at a place of abundance but our hearts and minds must be in the right place. Pastor Darius goes through the scriptures to highlight key areas that are crucial to our understanding.

Episode 28: ABUNDANCE SERIES: The Steps to Abundance Pt1  

In this episode Pastor Darius explains what abundance really means. The place of abundance and overflow is a place that the Lord desires for us to arrive at but our hearts and minds must be in the right place. So many have heard the prosperity message and have come away with a misplaced understanding of abundance and its purpose. Pastor Darius goes through the scriptures to highlight key areas that are crucial. This message will help you see the areas that must be adjusted so that the Lord can bring you into your place of abundance. 

Episode 27: His Good Treasure Radio Show featuring Jesus the King (the album)  

In todays episode, we posted our radio show featuring the new album from Pastor Darius Good, JESUS THE KING.  This album was written and produced by Pastor Darius and features singers and worship leaders from the state of CT. The album is currently available on all music digital platforms.


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Episode 26: Doctrines Series... Repentance from Dead Works (John A. Good)  

Doctrines All Believers Should Know!!!  Repentance is disc 1 of 16 in this dynamic series in which Reverend John Good explains the 6 doctrines that our faith is built upon. As outlined in Hebrews Chapter 6: repentance from dead works, faith toward God, baptisms, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment are explored in the 16-disc series. This series is available in our store and is a must have for all those seeking to have a strong foundation. 

Episode 25: Forgiveness (John A. Good)  

God's forgiveness towards us and our providing forgiveness towards others is and will continue to be one of the most important topics in our walk with Christ. Even though receiving forgiveness of sins is a free gift, there is a price that is required. Reverend John goes through the Old Testament as he explains forgiveness and the ultimate price Jesus paid to bing about total forgiveness. * This sermon is available for sale in our store.

Episode 24: Get Your Provision Ready  

In the book of Joshua, the Lord instructed Joshua to tell the people to get their provisions ready as they prepared to cross the Jordan river. In this message Pastor Darius teaches kingdom principles and prepares the congregation as they enter into prayer time leading into their church anniversary. 
  1. Episode 24: Get Your Provision Ready

Episode 23: Some Seed (Conclusion to the Good Ground series)  

This is the final sermon of the good ground series. In this episode Pastor Darius explains about the seed and the importance of being able to discern God speaking to you even in a group setting. We, not the Lord, determine if we are good ground or not, which is crucial if we are going to receive what the Lord has promised. This message reviews the qualifications necessary to be good ground and also gives a real life example of good ground as God begins to move in the lives of members of the congregation. 
  1. Episode 23: Some Seed


“His Good Treasure Show” is a podcast show produced by Good Treasure Ministries. The show is hosted by Darius Good’s daughter Symone Good. The show features Sunday morning sermons from Pastor Darius Good as well as other teachings series from John A. Good and other ministers connected to the ministry. Tune in weekly for new episodes.

I had debated for several weeks about who I would get to host the podcast show. After several candidates my daughter came to mind. She is an excellent reader for her age and speaks very clear. When I asked her if she wanted to be apart of the project she immediately began coming up with an intro. She often rides with me to the radio station to drop off the Bread of Life show and so she has grown accustom to being around the equipment and has seen me recording and editing different projects at home.


The thing that has really impacted me about working with my daughter is my father had asked me to host his radio show. He would often mention the idea for several years, but we never got around to making it happen.

Symone good treasure podcast show


At the point that he brought me on to help him with his show he was done and I found myself not only hosting but producing it. So now to begin my show I figure why wait. Even though she is young what better time to get her involved. My goal is to build something for the next generation, for her and not for myself. And so to have her apart of this project is a honor. I feel like what my dad had hoped to see with him and me has now been accomplished through me and Symone.