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Episode 24: Get Your Provision Ready  Podcast

In the book of Joshua, the Lord instructed Joshua to tell the people to get their provisions ready as they prepared to cross the Jordan river. In this message Pastor Darius teaches kingdom principles and prepares the congregation as they enter into prayer time leading into their church anniversary. 
  1. Episode 24: Get Your Provision Ready

Episode 17: Am I Good Ground? (The Most Important Parable)  Podcast

In this episode Pastor Darius Good expounds on what Jesus called the most important parable. In this parable of the sower and the different grounds, Pastor Darius explains the characteristics of each ground. Out of the four types of grounds only one, good ground, has the ability to keep God's word until the promise comes to past. Pastor Darius explains how with each word from the Lord you have the potential to be one of the four grounds and that no one is simply "good ground." This sermon will reshape your understanding and also help you see the necessary adjustments so that you can consistently be good ground.


Episode 15: Righteousness - Deeds, Knowledge, Faith  Podcast

Many believe righteousness is simply living right. However, righteousness is much deeper than that, and it's also not a permanent position. In this episode, Pastor Darius Good explains Jesus' explanation and criteria for righteousness. And goes through a moment in Jesus life where one decision would have made him unrighteous.

Episode 11: Teach Me How to Pray - Breach of Promise  Podcast

In this episode Pastor Darius explains how God's word never returns void, but it always accomplishes what it is sent prosper. But if that's the case, how is it that some prophetic words do not come to past? Pastor Darius will show you according to the scriptures how this works and what must be done on the part of the hearer to make sure they receive the promise from the Lord.